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How to Volunteer

Bethany Public Schools Volunteer and Substitute Program

Bethany Public School volunteers have been an integral part of the school district for many years. The basic tenet of Bethany schools volunteer program is to open the doors of our schools to parent and community involvement in helping our students to succeed academically. 

A volunteer is any parent or person in the community who provides uncompensated service to Bethany Public School district. Volunteers may assist a teacher with tutoring students, chaperoning a field trip or school sponsored activity or assisting staff members within the school building.

A visitor is a parent or person in the community that may visit the school to speak to a classroom about a subject or present an assembly to the entire school, or assist in some other capacity. Visitors are always under the supervision of a Bethany School employee. Parents attending a special event at school or attending a field trip are considered visitors unless they are to supervise students.

All volunteers must receive orientation/training appropriate to the function they will serve while volunteering. If a volunteer is disruptive or acts inappropriately around students, the principal or the teacher will refuse the volunteer’s services and notify the superintendent or designee immediately. Volunteers will work under the direction and supervision of district and building staff. The board, superintendent, principal or designee may decline or terminate the services of a volunteer. 

The following rules apply to all Bethany Public Schools volunteers:

  • A criminal background check shall be performed for each volunteer who has regular and frequent contact with students; unsupervised or one-on-one contact with students; or serves in a supervisory role. All information collected regarding volunteers will be considered confidential to the extent allowed by law and will only be used to protect the students or minimize disruption to the educational environment. Volunteers will be required to provide a copy of a state or government issued photo ID.
  • Bethany School volunteers will follow all policies, procedures, and other rules established in the district and applicable by laws.
  • Bethany School volunteers must sign in and out of the office when entering or leaving the school and wear the appropriate identification badge. Volunteers must sign in on the volunteer time sheet.
  • Bethany School volunteers must follow appropriate dress code applicable to the staff and students.
  • Bethany School volunteers will not transport students.
  • Bethany School volunteers will not have access to student education records and will sign confidentiality agreements. 
  • Bethany School volunteers will not photograph or videotape students unless authorized by the building principal or designee.
  • Bethany School volunteers will not date students, have sexual relationships with students or arrange to meet students outside the regular school day or during school-sponsored events or activities.
  • Bethany School volunteers will not dress students, change diapers, provide personal hygiene assistance or supply medication to students.
  • Bethany School volunteers will use universal precaution to avoid contact with bodily fluids.
  • Bethany School volunteers will use only adult designated restrooms.
  • Bethany School volunteers can monitor student behavior; however, if a situation is serious, the volunteer should seek immediate assistance from school personnel.
  • Bethany School volunteers will not discriminate against or harass any person and will report all harassment or discrimination observed, in accordance with district policy.
  • Bethany School volunteers will not search students or student property.
  • Bethany School volunteers will not direct a student to remove an emblem, insignia or garment, including a religious emblem, insignia or garment. If the volunteer believes a student’s clothing is disruptive or promotes disruptive behavior, the volunteer will contact a staff member immediately.
  • Bethany School volunteers must report suspected abuse to an administrator or faculty member.
  • Bethany Schools will provide appropriate training for all volunteers.
  • No person will be allowed to volunteer if the person had been convicted of sex offense, drug offense, or any offense involving violence against another person.

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