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Middle School


Our Mission is to maximize every student’s academic potential and personal responsibility!

Bethany is truly a special place because of our outstanding teachers, hardworking and respectful students, supportive parents, and an underlying belief that it is our collective goal to meet the individual needs of every child. The Bethany staff works tirelessly to assure that every “Broncho” student…

  • Feels safe and respected: At Bethany our first priority is assuring the safety and well-being of every child.
  • Meets high expectations: Bethany ranks in the top one percent of all middle schools in the state of Oklahoma because we “set the bar high” for our students, which in turn allows them to reach their fullest potential.
  • Has numerous opportunities for “exploration”: Middle school is a time for students to experience different subjects, electives, and activities. These experiences can lead to a future career or life-long hobby, but more importantly these experiences develop a well-rounded person.
  • Has access to state-of-the-art technology: Technology skills are now considered “life-skills.”  Bethany is committed to providing our students access to the latest technology and assuring that all students leave Bethany having mastered our district technology standards.
  • Has Fun!: Academic success at school requires hard work and responsibility – but these demands must be balanced with activities that make school fun.  In the end this balance will develop life-long learners.

Our Guidelines for Success, the 4Ps, encourage students to be Productive, Prepared, Prompt, and Polite in all situations whether at school or at home.  These guidelines are the foundation of behavior expectations on campus and at school events.

Hoofbeats News!

Members of the 7th grade Broncho basketball team listen to Coach Quinn Wooldridge during a break in the opening game of the season. The Bronchos hosted the Newcastle Racers but fell short in overtime, 31-34. Other boys basketball coaches include Chad Cochran and Jacob Pennington.

This week in FLEX we'll be talking about the importance of being thankful and showing gratitude.

Students in National Junior Honor Society spent time volunteering for the organization and delivery of our Food Drive donations. This year’s donations will be used in the BPS Food Pantry to help Bethany families. NJHS is sponsored by Mrs. Taylor Yeagley.

Ah, the question that educators have been asking students for decades is now more important than ever.

Students in National Junior Honor Society spent time volunteering in the concession stand during last Friday night’s football game. NJHS members are required to earn a certain number of points for volunteer work each month to maintain their membership.
NJHS is sponsored by Mrs. Taylor Yeagley.

Bethany Middle School Directory

Bethany Middle School
4312 N. Mueller Ave.
Bethany, Oklahoma 73008

  • Middle School Main Office: 405-787-3240
  • Fax Number: 405-499-4639
  • Administration: 405-789-3801
  • Cafeteria Manager: 405-499-4616
  • Nurse: 405-499-4615

The Bethany Difference

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