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High School


Our mission is to challenge every student, to develop strong work ethics, and to discover hidden talents!

Bethany High School Beliefs: The school personnel, parents, and students of Bethany High School have high expectations. Our purpose is to communicate our commitment to the highest quality instructional programs and to show how we are working together to educate our students. The school personnel, parents, and students of Bethany High School agree to implement the following programs and activities.

As a school, we will:

  • Communicate with families frequently at convenient times.
  • Inform students, families, and the community about the high academic standards at our school and how they can help students learn those standards.
  • Expect those students not only to learn the basics but also to take more rigorous courses in order to reach their individual potential while preparing for careers.
  • Set firm and fair discipline policies

As parents, we will:

  • Work with the school and our child to plan a rigorous academic program.
  • Discuss with our child the importance of working hard to get the most out of school.
  • Be champions of the school expressing our public support and working for school modernization, and the use of technology.
  • Encourage my child to follow the rules and regulations of the school.

As a student I will:

  • Have a positive attitude towards self, others, school, and learning.
  • Recognize and do the hard work it takes to be successful in school.
  • Complete assignments and participate in class.
  • Arrange question time with a teacher if extra help is needed.

Bethany High School News

Bethany Superintendent of Schools, Drew Eichelberger, provides an update of BPS's Return to Learn Plan based on the OSDH color code system.

During a special school board meeting on Thursday, August 6th, the Bethany Public Schools Board of Education voted to change the start date of School to Thursday, August 20th as well as start school with an A/B Schedule in both the Middle and High Schools.

Bethany High School announces back to school plans as part of the District "Return to Learn" framework. Please consider these plans as a "work in progress" and please contact the site or district office for more information.

Bethany High School Directory

Bethany High School
4500 N. Mueller Ave. 
Bethany, Oklahoma 73008

  • High School Main Office: 405-789-6370
  • Attendance Line: 405-499-4627
  • Fax Number: 405-499-4634
  • Administration: 405-789-3801
  • Cafeteria Manager: 405-499-4616
  • Nurse: 405-499-4615

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