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Mrs. Karma Hance, Earl Harris Elementary Counselor

Dear Families,

As the school counselors at Earl Harris Elementary, we are looking forward to working with children and their families.  We will be providing group guidance sessions in each classroom.  These lessons are designed to promote academic, personal/social development and career awareness in alignment with state guidelines.  The following topics are among those presented during a child’s elementary years:  Respect, Responsibility, Personal Goals, Self-Control, Positive Attitude, Relationships, Conflict Mediation, Bullying/Harassment, Citizenship, Decision-Making Skills, and Career Awareness/Exploration.  

Students may also visit with the counselor in small groups.  Topics for these group sessions might include Friendship, Social Skills, or Conflict Mediation.  Students may wish to visit with a counselor individually.  To understand their concerns, we will listen to them as they identify their emotions, validate their feelings, and help them look at their situation from other possible viewpoints.  We frequently make a “plan” to help them move forward in a positive way in areas such as Grief/Loss, Divorce, Deployment of a Parent, Anger Management, or Fear Management.  

Self, parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, or a friend may refer students to the counselor.  The personal/social development of children is enhanced by a positive relationship between school and home.  When visiting with students, we always encourage them to communicate openly with their parents.  Please feel free to contact us if there is a way in which we might be able to provide needed assistance for your child.

Karma Hance
Elementary School Counselor
Earl Harris Elementary School
(405) 499-4613

Heather Graham
Elementary School Counselor
Earl Harris Elementary School
(405) 499-4613

I love working with middle school students. They're old enough to have an educated conversation with you but not so old that they think they have all the answers.

I'm sure that the struggle in your house last week was similar to mine in that no one was exactly anxious to get back to school.

Ah, the question that educators have been asking students for decades is now more important than ever.

This week in FLEX we'll be talking about the importance of being thankful and showing gratitude.

Parade magazine ran an article entitled, "What's Really Going On Inside Your Teen's Head," and it explained how preteen and teenage brain development has a huge impact on behavior.

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