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The goal of our staff is to provide an educational environment that will enable your child to become a valuable member of the community in which they live. It is our belief that students are responsible for helping to maintain an atmosphere conducive to quality education. 

This We Believe


  • We believe that all students have the ability to learn, but each learns differently. It is our job to reach every child.
  • We believe that every student is valuable and important and should be treated with kindness and respect.
  • We also believe that the classroom should promote this culture.  We believe that immersing children in the arts is beneficial in both the classroom and throughout the rest of their lives. 


  • We believe that, as educators, we must do what is best for kids and always have their success in our best interest.
  • We believe in having high expectations throughout our school. We believe that it allows us the opportunity to realize our full potential.
  • We believe that encouraging children will empower them and give them the confidence to take responsibility and face the challenges in life.


  • We believe in honesty. We believe to be successful in our relationships with students, parents, staff, and administration, honesty must be present.
  • We believe that collaborating with families, administration, and faculty is the only way to meet the individual needs of all children.
  • We believe that our success comes from a community of supportive stakeholders. In order to have the greatest success, we must form a partnership with community members, parents, staff, and administration that work hard daily and invest time and effort into the needs of our students.

The Broncho Beat!

As of 2/8/21, ALL-DISTRICT SITES will transition to a four-day In-Person format (M/T/R/F) with Wednesday being a Distance Learning Day. (See COVID-19 Information page for more details regarding the District's Decision Matrix)

Weekly COVID-19 Update from Mr. Eichelberger

Please see the attached letter from Superintendent Eichelberger for a COVID-19 update.

Beginning Monday, January 4th, the middle school, and high school will return to in-person learning in an A/B format (same as before Thanksgiving), and the elementary will be in the M, T, Th, F, format with Wednesdays being distance learning (the format we planned to use after Thanksgiving).

Bethany Earl Harris Elementary Weekly News Update

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